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Our Current Charity is:
Wildlife Aid

Anne's Country Gallery contains 10 years of photographs, 500 walks of Kent and Sussex. Each year it supports a different charity alternating between human and animal causes. You may or may not be able to find a photo of what you are looking for but using the search facility above may help.


Welcome to Annes Country Gallery

This site is a celebration of the life of Anne Poole, June 1940 - November 2000.

Please Note

Due to the ill health of the vendor it is no longer possible to purchase any of the pictures on the site.

The family would like to apologise for any inconvenience, and would like to thank all those who have purchased in the past.

Many thanks for your understanding.

This site welcomes the reader to take an amble across Annes Photograhic and seasonal walks of the beautiful scenery of the farms and villages of rural Kent and Sussex, Sunrise to Sunset. The golden cornfield and hedgerows with cornflowers and poppies of summer, changing to the Autumnal colours of red and oranges. The same country lanes, fields and villages, showing its sparse beauty, which soon turns to icy sparkles of frost and snow covered tree boughs, later springs into buds and displays of pink and white blossom like candyfloss on sticks, sporting displays of yellow daffodils. Then moving on again to the shimmering heat and dust of summer time and harvest, with its burnt and empty landscape, before moving onwards in the circle of life

Kent Village

We hope these photographs give you the joy they gave Anne.

“Now sweet, sweet it is on the land to be straying, With the birds and blossom and the beasts of the field, Love mingles with love, and no evil is weighing On thy heart of mind where all sorrow is healed.” (Message of the March Wind by William Morris)



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