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Anne's Country Gallery contains 10 years of photographs, 500 walks of Kent and Sussex. Each year it supports a different charity alternating between human and animal causes. You may or may not be able to find a photo of what you are looking for but using the search facility above may help.


Adventures > Year 1982
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Ross on Wye, Monmouth and Blenhiem Palace Summer
The Eversham area and The New Forest which took in Ross on Wye. Monmouth, a small segment of Wales, which just wetted their appetite for rugged coutyside and magnificent views. For my motherinlaw and my wife it was time in the countryside and th...

Luqa, Salima October
Malta. This was a second visit to the Island. We lived for 3 years at 1 Carmel Street Luqa and it judging by the picture has not changed very much while we have been away. The village of Luqa very near to the Civil and Miltary airport had quite ...

Luqa Gozo Msida Summer
Our first visit to Malta and Gozo. At that time I was a member of the RAF with a young wife and child for them it was there first time living in a new country, and also for myself. So the custom was strange, but not too strange as Malta had long...


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